AAB Lexus launches Lexus Flex


Over the last decade, Qatar has made significant progress towards becoming a leader in Mobility Services. Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros (AAB) aims to build on that momentum and play a key role in driving Qatar’s Economic diversification and growth strategy. For the first time in Qatar and in light of AAB and Toyota Motor Corporation’s strategy to transition into a Mobility Company, AAB is launching the Lexus Flex service for individual customers.

The initiative is a subscription based car leasing, offering increased flexibility and providing a premium experience. Lexus Flex subscription service will be fully accessible through the AAB Engage app. The subscription provides the customer with the flexibility to drive and swap between vehicles in the selected Lexus line-up every month, all for a fixed monthly fee that includes the rental fee, concierge service, insurance, maintenance, and registration fees. The customer only has to pay for fuel, tolls, and possibly a deductible in case of an accident. The service can be cancelled at any time based on the customers’ wants, meaning there is no long term commitment just like any other subscription service.

In return for this monthly subscription the customer would typically expect:


Ability to swap cars within a line-up every month, for example driving an SUV during one month and a Coupe the following month.  Access to a selected range of Lexus vehicles to drive, comprehensive insurance, maintenance coverage, breakdown coverage, concierge vehicle delivery and return service. Ability for up to 2 drivers per subscription plan. No Guarantor or down payment requirements plus a 3 months’ contract period with an option to renew.


Lexus Flex is available in two tailor made packages consisting of Gold & Silver depending on budget and vehicle needs. The premium gold package with a monthly subscription rate of 4,500 QR provides users with 4 unique vehicles to choose from starting with the sporty RC 350 coupe, the spacious sedan GS 300, the stylish RX 350 SUV & the fuel efficient RX 450 Hybrid. The silver package on the other hand with a monthly subscription rate of 3,500 QR also comes equipped with a nice lineup consisting of the urban crossover the UX 200, the sophisticated NX 300 crossover and the dynamic four door sedan the IS 200T.   


Mr. Samer Shallan a customer who got to experience the Lexus Flex program during its testing phase stated: “I would like to thank AAB Lexus for the amazing experience. The car was really safe, luxurious and comfortable. The Lexus Flex program is a unique service in the leasing market. It provides customers the chance to swap different models of Lexus vehicles with a competitive price. I am very satisfied with the service and procedures and the AAB Engage app made the experience even more flexible and easy”.

Mr. Khalid Al Alami another customer who got to experience Lexus Flex said: “To my pleasant surprise, all my automotive requirements and expectations were met with exceptional satisfaction and joy; not only for the ease and convenience the Lexus solution provides, but also with the flexibility in the broad spectrum range of models that would suit any professional for every occasion. Being a petrol engine enthusiast who had never experienced the Hybrid alternative before, Lexus Flex through the AAB Engage app gave me the opportunity and convenience to sample this heritage model to which I am now officially converted! Thank you for the innovation and for your first class elite service.”


How to sign up


Interested customers can download the AAB Engage app in IOS Apple store or Google Android and click on the Lexus Flex icon to avail the selected packages & models. The subscriber is required to share a photo of the driving license, civil ID information and proceed for payment. In order to be considered for the program, the subscriber must be a resident of Qatar and meet the age requirement of 21 and pay the joining fees and/or deposit and first month subscription.