NX F Sport


Door Sill Protectors

Exclusive Lexus F SPORT Seats

The Lexus NX F SPORT seats are specially designed to provide the firm support required for exhilarating sports driving.

Door Sill Protectors

Exclusive Lexus F SPORT Steering Wheel

The steering wheel in the Lexus NX F Sport features a grip cross-section designed to meet the demands of sports driving.

Door Sill Protectors

Exclusive F SPORT Meter

In SPORT S+ mode the Lexus NX F SPORT meter features a racing specification layout.


Door Sill Protectors


An e-latch system in the Lexus NX F Sport replaces the conventional door latch/unlatch mechanism with an electronic control that opens and closes door s smoothly with no wasted movements, like a sliding shoji paper door. To open a door when getting in, simply press the switch on the inside of the door handle while pulling the handle towards you in the usual way. When getting out, the door opens in a single action b y pressing a switch while holding the pull handle.

Door Sill Protectors

SEA (Safe Exit Assist)

SEA in the Lexus NX uses the BSM (Blind Spot Monitor System) to detect vehicles (including bicycles) approaching from the rear when exiting the vehicle. If SEA determines a collision with an opened door or exiting occupants is a possibility, an indicator in the door mirror lights up to alert occupants. In addition, if an occupant tries to open a door, the e-latch system cancels door unlatch operation. Occupants are alerted by flashing indicators in the door mirror, the multi-information display, and a buzzer.

Door Sill Protectors

Emergency Steering Assist

If the Emergency Steering Assist system in the Lexus NX F Sport detects a collision with a vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian or bicyclist ahead is likely, there is sufficient space for the vehicle to be steered within its lane and the driver has begun an evasive steering maneuver, it assists steering to help enhance vehicle stability and prevent lane departure. In addition, even if the driver doesn’t move the steering wheel, an optional active steering function supports collision avoidance by steering the vehicle within its lane while gently braking.


Inside Corolla XSE

2.4-Liter L4 Turbo Engine

The 2.4-liter inline 4-cylinder turbo engine in the Lexus NX F Sport revs pleasantly in response to accelerator input, providing outstanding acceleration response and ample driving power. Based on TNGA engine technology, it features a high-efficiency twin-scroll turbocharger, center direct injection system, and DC motor-controlled variable cooling system. Utilizing the ample torque it delivers powerful, dynamic performance together with excellent environmental performance and low fuel consumption.

Inside Corolla XSE

Electronically Controlled Full-time AWD

Electronically controlled full-time AWD in the Lexus NX F Sport has been adopted in turbo models to optimize the front/rear drive torque distribution in keeping with the driving conditions, allowing the driver to confidently control the vehicle as intended. The system provides exhilarating yet refined control from normal to aggressive driving, allowing control using the accelerator for smooth vehicle behavior from corner entry to exit, enabling turns faithful to steering operation, and providing strong transmission of traction on various road surfaces. In addition, the AWD system’s front/rear torque distribution is shown in the center display, contributing to intuitive understanding of operating status and peace of mind.



SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Airbag System

The front seats in the Lexus NX F Sport are equipped with SRS airbags that deploy in response to impact force from the front of the vehicle. An SRS knee airbag for the driver’s seat cushions impact force and disperses it throughout the body by arresting movement of the lower limbs. SRS side airbags and SRS curtain shield airbags protect occupants in a side collision.