Door Sill Protectors


In the Lexus RX, it was evolved by carefully refining vehicle fundamentals including the center of gravity, inertia properties, weight reduction, and chassis rigidity. At the same time, a sharp focus was applied to enhancing the refined ride quality and quietness that are Lexus hallmarks.

Door Sill Protectors


The seats in the Lexus RX feature a TNGA frame, which together with a deep-hung construction, helps to maintain a minimal-burden driving posture even on long drives. The deep-hung construction pulls the upholstery fixing position deeply inward on the pad side, reducing the change in the sitting pressure on the cushion when subjected to a load from the side, to provide excellent postural stability during cornering.

Door Sill Protectors


The design of the next generation of Lexus RX was driven by the dedicated pursuit of a unique identity and proportions, born from a dynamic driving experience. It is expressed in the design concept ALLURING x VERVE, which evokes a captivating and seductive presence, with a powerful sense of spirit.


Inside Corolla XSE

Touch display

The center display features a 14-inch or 9.8-inch touch display, providing many functions integrated into its soft switches. Careful attention was paid to the size, shape, layout, and information displayed on the switches, pursuing optimum placement and shape for intuitive operation, while also considering how often each function is used.

Inside Corolla XSE

Lexus Connect

Lexus Connect supports your vehicle life with comfortable and convenient services such as controlling your vehicle remotely using a smartphone app, as well as services that give you peace of mind such as notifying you when the unexpected occurs to your vehicle.


Inside Corolla XSE

2.4L Turbocharged Engine

The 2.4-liter inline 4-cylinder turbo engine in the Lexus RX revs pleasantly in response to accelerator input, providing outstanding acceleration response and ample driving power. Based on TNGA engine technology, it features a high efficiency turbocharger, center direct injection system, and variable cooling system. Utilizing the ample torque, it delivers powerful, dynamic performance together with excellent environmental performance and low fuel consumption.

Inside Corolla XSE

Direct Shift-8 Automatic Transmission

The Direct Shift-8 AT in the Lexus RX, an 8-speed automatic transmission, balances driving performance that’s rich in direct feel with excellent fuel economy. Developed for the 2.4-liter turbo engine, it yields powerful performance with the hallmark low-rpm response of a turbo powerplant.


Inside Corolla XSE

Pre collision system (PCS)

When the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera sensors detect a vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcycle ahead and determine that a collision is likely, it alerts the driver with a buzzer and on the display of the Lexus RX.

Inside Corolla XSE

Dynamic radar cruise control (DRCC)

In addition to maintaining a constant speed, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in the Lexus RX uses the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera sensors to detect a vehicle driving ahead and maintain an appropriate distance between vehicles.